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You're a dedicated mom.


But, when it comes to feeding your family,

you're fumbling around in the dark,

bashing into conflicting advice and

clashing with your kids' stubborn personalities.


As you serve pasta (with no sauce) and fish fingers, on separate plates, for the fourth night in a row, you wonder... 

"Does every meal have to be so. very. exhausting?"


As beg your child to eat one bite of chicken, you ask...

 "How can my child thrive on such a limited diet?"


And, as you watch your child devour her third helping of french fries, you sigh:

 "How do I ensure my child has a healthy relationship to food and a positive body-image?"



And you're sick & tired of:


  • being bombarded with useless advice 

(“He’’ll never starve himself.”)


  • being judged by family members

(“Stop letting her eat so much cake or she’ll never get married.”)


  • feeling like an utter failure

(“If you wouldn’t spoil her, she would eat properly.”) 


  • Cooking three different meals

(“Do you want plain toast instead of the chicken and rice?”)





My journey into feeding dynamics began from my own difficult experience and seeing the transformation in my family when we introduced the trust model in feeding.

Using the Ellyn Satter Feeding Dynamics Model, I have learned how to apply the model to my own family, as well as the many families I support. I combine my passion, personal experience and professional knowledge to empower parents to raise children who have healthy relationships with their bodies and food for life. My approach is consistent with Health at Every Size, Intuitive Eating & the Satter Division of Responsibility in Feeding (Ellyn Satter Feeding Dynamics Model).




The Feeding Coach is not the right avenue for you if:

  • You suspect your child has an eating disorder or has been diagnosed with an eating disorder
  • Your child has/ is suspected of having ANY oral-motor difficulties which are not yet being treated by a qualified health professional. E.g. your child has difficulty chewing, swallowing or frequently gags
  • Any other untreated medical issues which affect feeding and eating

The Feeding Coach is for you if:

  • You have your own (current or past) challenges with disordered eating, binge eating, dieting or eating disorders and want to raise your children differently
  • Your child is extremely picky and only eats a small variety of foods
  • You are tired of cooking different meals for each child, or cooking separate meals for the parents and the kids
  • Meal times are stressful, conflict-filled and chaotic
  • You are anxious about your child meeting his/her nutritional needs
  • Your child is “obsessed” with food, and can’t seem to ever eat enough
  • Your child’s weight concerns you or your spouse
  • Your child begs for snacks 10 minutes after dinner is over because he is hungry
  • Feeding and your child’s eating behaviors occupies a large amount of your mental energy and is a constant source of stress


Hi, I'm Eliana, the Feeding Coach. I have three children aged 6 and under, and I get how stressful feeding can be.My own traumatic feeding experience when my eldest child was 4 months led me to the responsive trust-based feeding model which changed my life. When I realized how many families were struggling with feeding, and how it was removing joy from parenting, I began sharing this knowledge and helping families raise happy healthy eaters with practical strategies that work. My children are not perfect eaters, but they are happy, content and growing well. Mealtimes are the best part of the day.  I am compassionate, supportive and will offer you the best practices in creating feeding success.
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What My Wonderful Clients Say

  • I learnt that I needed to trust my kids, to stop forcing my kids to eat and stop following them around popping food into their mouths. My younger son was filing himself up with milk bottles. No wonder he did’t want to eat. That very afternoon after our lesson we took the bottle away. Give them options. Let them choose what they wanted to eat. Wow this was different. But wow it is working so much. So grateful.

    Kelli, mom of 2 boys aged 4 & 5 tired of fighting about eating Johannesburg
  • A new autonomous being is emerging: one who knows when she is full, and is starting to make healthier food choices. Mealtimes have become celebrations when before they were critical, controlled & very unpleasant. Your course is a game changer and you are an incredibly thoughtful and sensitive facilitator who gracefully manages delicate terrain. Keep up the great work!

    Mom of 5-year-old girl struggling with weight & food preoccupation Johannesburg

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