This course is for you if any of these hold if ANY of these statements resonate: 

  • Concerns of overeating/overweight/ fear that the child will become overweight
  • Fear that your child is eating out of boredom or anxiety and how to handle it
  • Unpleasant mealtimes where power struggles are common
  • Feeding is a cause of constant stress and tension impacting the parent-child relationship negatively
  • Under-eating/ underweight children
  • Picky Eating e.g. Won’t try new foods, demands the same foods every day, or won’t eat a certain food group
  • Begging, bribing, coercing with food or child has to be forced to eat certain foods
  • Doesn’t eat at meals and demands snacks all-day
  • Obsessed with junk food, overeats junk food when gets a chance, begs for junk food

You will learn: 

  • why kids are picky
  • why they overeat
  • why they are erratic eaters
  • why some kids eat more than other kids
  • why kids are obsessed with junk food
  • why some kids are fatter than other
  • why they don’t like vegetables
  • why they would rather not eat than be forced to eat
  • why they aren’t hungry at dinner and want a snack before bed
  • why they want to snack all afternoon

And then you will learn HOW to fix it: 

  • Practical, detailed strategies around the structure, meal planning, power struggles, ADHD kids and bigger kids.
  • Children will eat nutritious food out of their own free will, are normal around junk food and enjoy meals and grow predictably.
  • Mealtimes become the best moments of the day, stop fighting with kids about eating.
  • End the power struggles. Watch them be normal around food. Enjoy feeding your family.



Date: Monday 8,15,22 June 2020
Location: Zoom live interactive sessions (+video recordings for those present)
Time: 8.00pm – 9.15pm (SAST)
Price: R595 person (booking confirmed on payment)
Includes: One 60 minute individual coaching session to be used anytime within the next 12 months (worth R750 alone)


“Every mealtime would plague me with guilt and uncertainty and I would end up making four different meals (or my kids would just end up eating cereal for dinner). This is until I met with Eliana and attended her course on the psychology of feeding. The course gave me a completely new perspective on this aspect of parenting. . Instead of focusing on the above uncertainties, the focus was now on my kids’ relationship with food. The focus changed to having fun mealtimes together as a family and having an enjoyable experience with each other. I also found that putting the food on the table and having them build their own plates made a world of difference. They loved the experience of selecting what went onto their plates and they have even started trying new foods, which they would have never touched before” – Shayna

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