How to get your kids to eat the RIGHT amount of the RIGHT food – without fighting, worrying or bribing


Are you tired of …

  • using the ipad  to get your child to eat just one bite (
  • preparing a delicious supper which she gobbles up at her cousin, but your child refuses to eat, and demands a snack 5 minutes before bed
  • following your child around with the chicken soup, cramming one bite into his mouth while he plays with his fire-engine

Are you worried that your child is not…

  • eating enough protein, vegetables or food overall
  • sleeping through the night because of their eating

Are you confused when your child…

  • eats three helpings of pasta some days and almost nothing the next days
  • refuses his favourite foods
  • acts atrociously at the dinner table

And, ere you beyond frustrated and sick of…

  • planning kid-friendly foods which you don’t like (fish fingers & pasta for the third night in a row)
  • cooking different meals
  • fighting with your kids to eat the minimum
  • using dessert as a weapon to get them to eat
  • arguing about junk food

You’re not alone. Feeding kids is HARD work – and it happens 1095 a year (without snacks).

That’s 1095 opportunities for joy, calm & health or 1095 opportunities for fighting, worrying and stress.

You don’t lack the love, effort or commitment.

You just need knowledge + a method + a strategy.

You need “Raising Happy Healthy Eaters”.

If you want to stop fighting, and start watching your kids

  • try broccoli – without asking
  • stop caring about dessert
  • eat 8 bites of chicken

This course gives you a complete framework as to why kids are so impossible to feed, and how to fix it.

You’ll learn:

  1. why – kids are picky,and how to tell it if its normal or not. Why they used to devour your kale blueberry muffins and meatballs, and know screech if they even touch their plate. why appetites & tastes are so. so. unpredictable
  2. what – is your job + what’s your kids job
  3. how – to plan meals, serve them and space them out so you conquer the #1 mistake to getting kids to eat
  4. when – to say no, to say yes. handling birthday parties, grandparents & schools


  • practical
  • suits any lifestyle – age/ stage
  • logical
  • easy to implement
  • adjusts with your kids


Because it’s

  • evidence-based
  • tried + tested
  • an entire outlook
  • no tricks, or useless advice

I want to know how to get my kids eat!


  • 4 LIVE SESSIONS (zoom)

And that’s not all…

  • 30 minute private coaching session (to be used within 6 months)
  • Masterclass with …..

Date: Monday 8,15,22 June 2020
Location: Zoom live interactive sessions
Time: 8.00pm – 9.15pm (SAST)
Price: R1295 / $95 Paypal
Earlybird – R995 / $80
or Book with a friend R995





  • Feeding is a cause of constant stress and tension impacting the parent-child relationship negatively
  • Under-eating/ underweight children
  • Picky Eating e.g. Won’t try new foods, demands the same foods every day, or won’t eat a certain food group
  • Begging, bribing, coercing with food or child has to be forced to eat certain foods
  • Doesn’t eat at meals and demands snacks all-day
  • Obsessed with junk food, overeats junk food when gets a chance, begs for junk food

You will learn: 

  • why kids are picky
  • why they overeat
  • why they are erratic eaters
  • why some kids eat more than other kids
  • why kids are obsessed with junk food
  • why some kids are fatter than other
  • why they don’t like vegetables
  • why they would rather not eat than be forced to eat
  • why they aren’t hungry at dinner and want a snack before bed
  • why they want to snack all afternoon

And then you will learn HOW to fix it: 

  • Practical, detailed strategies around the structure, meal planning, power struggles, ADHD kids and bigger kids.
  • Children will eat nutritious food out of their own free will, are normal around junk food and enjoy meals and grow predictably.
  • Mealtimes become the best moments of the day, stop fighting with kids about eating.
  • End the power struggles. Watch them be normal around food. Enjoy feeding your family.


“Every mealtime would plague me with guilt and uncertainty and I would end up making four different meals (or my kids would just end up eating cereal for dinner). The course gave me a completely new perspective. Instead of focusing on the above uncertainties, the focus was now on my kids’ relationship with food. The focus changed to having fun mealtimes together as a family and having an enjoyable experience with each other. I also found that putting the food on the table and having them build their own plates made a world of difference. They loved the experience of selecting what went onto their plates and they have even started trying new foods, which they would have never touched before” – Shayna


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