This course is for you if any of these hold if ANY of these statements resonate: –

  • Overeating / overweight / fear that child will become overweight
  • Fear that your child is eating out of boredom or anxiety and how to handle it
  • Unpleasant mealtimes where power struggles are common
  • Feeding is a cause of constant stress and tension impacting the parent-child relationship negatively
  • Under-eating/ underweight children
  • Picky Eating e.g. Won’t try new foods, demands the same foods every day, or won’t eat a certain food group
  • Begging, bribing, coercing with food or child has to be forced to eat certain foods
  • Doesn’t eat at meals and demands snacks all day
  • Obsessed with junk food, overeats junk food when gets a chance, begs for junk food

You will learn: –

  • why kids are picky
  • why they overeat
  • why they are erratic eaters
  • why some kids eat more than other kids
  • why kids are obsessed with junk food
  • why some kids are fatter than other
  • why they don’t like vegetables
  • why they would rather not eat than be forced to eat
  • why they aren’t hungry at dinner, and want a snack before bed
  • why they want to snack all afternoon

And then you will learn HOW to fix it: –

  • Practical, detailed strategies around structure, meal planning, power struggles, ADHD kids and bigger kids.
  • Children will eat nutritious food out of their own free will, are normal around junk food and enjoy meals and grow predictably.
  • Mealtimes become the best moments of the day, stop fighting with kids about eating.
  • End the power struggles. Watch them be normal around food. Enjoy feeding your family.


A 3 hour workshop where you will learn the fundamentals of trust-based feeding.  Workshops take place in Johannesburg on a monthly basis. To put your name down for upcoming workshops held in Johannesburg please click here. 


For those who want to learn these principles privately.  This is highly individualized and focused directly on your family context. Individual Coaching takes place in person or via Skype/ telephone.


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