I have curated what I find to be the best starting points for each focus area. The web is full of amazing resources of all kinds on all these topics, but if you are starting out – these resources will be a wonderful introduction. I got most of these on or amazon. I have kept the reading list small, and if you read just these books you will be equipped to raise happy healthy eaters for life.

Picky Eating / Raising Healthy Eaters

  1. Book – Child of Mine – perfect for a new mom, or with kids up to age 5
  2. Book – How to Get Your Kid to Eat … But Not Too Much (Ellyn Satter) – perfect for kids from around 2 – teens
  3. Book – Love me, Feed me (Katja Rowell) – must read for picky eating (equally relevant for biological and adopted children)

Overweight Child Concerns

  1. Book – Your Child’s Weight: Helping without harming – must read for anyone concerned about their child’s weight
  2. Book – Love me, Feed me (Katja Rowell) – must read foEr food obsession and weight concerns (equally relevant for biological and adopted children)
  3. Article –  How Food Restriction Backfires (How to Heal a Child’s Food Obsession)

Developing positive body image in children

  1. Real Kids Come in All Sizes (Kathy Kater)
  2. Celebrate Your Body (and Its Changes, Too!): The Ultimate Puberty Book for Girls Paperback (SONYA RENEE TAYLOR)
  3. Beauty Redefined


1.    Ellyn Satter Institute
2.    Feeding Bytes – must see for parents of infant, toddlers and pre-schoolers (plus free facebook group) (website)
3.    MaryAnn Jacobsen


If you want to explore a path to make peace with your body and food these are great places to start

  1. Intuitive Eating
  2. Linda Bacon  – Author of Health at Every Size & Body Respect
  3. Food Psych (podcast)
  4. Positive Nutrition (blog podcast)
  5. Mind over Munchies – Rena Reiser
  6. Imma Eat That
  7. Colleen Reichman
  8. The Body Love Project Podcast
  9. Dare Not to Diet


Gayle Landau

Registered Dietician & Registered Intuitive Eating Counselor
Donald Gordon Medical Centre

Xenia Atiyos – Xen & The Art of Mindful Eating

Registered Intuitive Eating Counselor