shifting the focus from how nutritious food is to how it effects their long-term emotional relationship to food

I found this course very enlightening! Specifically, in terms of shifting the focus from what you are feeding your kids and how nutritious it is to how it affects their long-term emotional relationship to food. That is essentially so much more important! For me who is very invested in healthy eating this was a major challenge as well as an insightful growth experience. I also learned a lot about creating a more structured environment for meals and snacks. I have learned that’s kids need to eat small amounts more often and providing them with that structured snack prevents that drop-in sugar levels which create over hungry manic behaviour! It also helps prevent frequent snacking and thereby allows them to build up an appetite for mealtime.  The other major insight for me was offering a variety of foods including a “safe” food. This really helps kids venture out and try new and healthier options while still having something that they like to fall back on.

Dina, mother of 4 children aged 6 months – 6 years of age

Having meals together has been special bonding time

Having meals together has resulted in my child wanting to be at the table and eat (or at least, try) the different things on her plate instead of taking the ‘safe food’ and going off to eat it whilst playing. Having meals together has been special bonding time for us and we all enjoy it. A couple of things have stuck out – the safe food, where/what/when, that some days my child will eat everything and anything, and other days almost nothing and that its ok, Also, that I need to provide a complete meal, not just those items I know she’ll have, even if she doesn’t eat some of the stuff on her plate.  I am planning better for mealtime and making sure my child has a complete meal presented to her, as opposed to only the safe food (although some days I still do this). I’ve become more conscious of my child’s eating habits/patterns, the snacking and the timing around meals etc. 

Kerryn, mom of 2 year old

We are all much less stressed having learnt to trust him

I was sceptical as to whether I would learn anything to help my son become a better eater, however, Eliana reshifted our focus when it comes to mealtimes. We now have far less tears with meals and a toddler that is willing to try new foods, now and then! We are all much more settled and less stressed with regards to his nutritional needs, having learnt to trust him.”

Kate, mother of toddler

It’s about your daughter’s whole life and her relationship with food

Having an overweight daughter is not easy. Every day is a battle – not with your daughter – but within YOURSELF. Eliana’s course gave me hope and encouragement that it’s not only about now. It’s about your daughter’s whole life-and her relationship with food. I’m so grateful that I did the course before I messed her up- as my job is NOT to make my daughter thin-it’s to help her have a good self- esteem and a healthy body.

Mom of 10 year old girl

Everyone has different bodies

I have learned that everyone has different bodies and how to accept that. I trust how his body needs to develop and I have noticed my child leaving food on his plate. I learned that bodyweight does not define people. I was surprised by how our attitudes and conversations affected the issues. We have more family meals, and mealtimes are relaxed instead of stressful

Mom of 12 year old boy

My stuff was totally projecting onto her

“I was worried about my daughter’s sudden change in eating and worried it was an emotional escape. Now, she eats the amount that she feels comfortable with. Food isn’t such a focus. I have let go of anxiety around food and now trust my child knows what they need. I trust she knows what’s good for her body and I accept her for who she is.- every child is different What surprised me most was how quickly I noticed a shift in her behaviour around food when I changed gear. My stuff was totally projecting onto her. Mealtimes used to be stressful and anxiety-provoking and now are a great connecting time and a trusting space” –

Tzivia, mom of 6-year-old girl