Do you worry that your child

    • has no “off-button” around food
    • is already / will become overweight
    • eats too much / more than she needs
    • Is obsessed with junk food/carbs/ pasta etc
    • can’t self-regulate his appetite unless you control him
    • is losing self-confidence / is teased because of her weight

Have you suffered from/ still suffer from an eating disorder and / or poor body-image and eating struggles and want to give your child a different future?

This course is for you!

Date: Sunday 6 October 2019

Time: 8.30am – 12.30pm

Place: Waverly, Johannesburg

Course Outcomes: 

You will learn how to:

    • prevent long-term overweight and poor body-image
    • prevent eating disorders
    • feed your child in the right structure and schedule
    • empower your child to self-regulate
    • set healthy boundaries and know when to say no
    • manage junk food and encourage healthy choices
    • increase variety of foods eaten and plan meals properly
    • reduce anxiety and stress around food and meals
    • give your child a healthy body-image and great relationship to food for life
    • develop self-confidence with regards to the size

The course is interactive and based on leading research in feeding children and preventing eating disorders, disordered eating and poor body-image.


R850/ PERSON & R1250/COUPLE includes one private coaching session post-course valued at R950

Limited spaces.

To book click HERE

“I was worried about my daughter’s sudden change in eating and worried it was an emotional escape. Now, she eats the amount that she feels comfortable with. Food isn’t such a focus. I have let go of anxiety around food and now trust my child knows what they need. I trust she knows what’s good for her body and I accept her for who she is – every child is different What surprised me most was how quickly I noticed a shift in her behaviour around food when I changed gear. My stuff was totally projecting onto her. Mealtimes used to be stressful and anxiety-provoking and now are a great connecting time and a trusting space”

Tzivia, mom of 6-year-old girl

Please note that this course is not suitable for all family scenarios. Attendees will be accepted based on certain criteria. Referrals will be made available to those who will benefit from clinical care. Minimum of 8 participants required for the course to take place.

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